The article Ertikelis anglų skaidrės

The article. The, a / an. Definite article the. The definite article is used 1 When he talked about the thing or person. When it comes to world titles. Indefinite article a/an. A (an) - derived from the word one means - any. Not used 1. A definite article (an) use. Bet a.

Not used: 1) abstract with fabric love water 2) with the plural We are students.

Bet a (vague) of the whole thing: (A small boy played in the yard. (Some)). 2.When used the non-specific some sort of object, person, shepherd's sometimes used in a (an), but when we talk about the second use, because we know what we're talking about: (example: A boy (some) came into the classroom.

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