The definite article the

The definite article the. We use the. With nouns which are unique. (The sun ,the moon). With the names. With the names of musical instruments (the guitar) and dances (the waltz). With the names of museums ( the National Museum). With historical periods/events ( the Iron Age. With adjectives used as nouns to refer to a group of people. With titles when the name of the person is not mentioned (the President. We do not use the with. Names of countries (Brazil), cities (Glasgow), streets. Names of meals (dinner), sports/games (tennis. The words school, college, church, bed, court, hospital, prison, university, home. Possessive adjactives or the possessive case.

With the names of rivers (the Amazon) , seas( the Mediterranean) , oceans (the Atlantic) , mountain ranges (the Andes) , deserts (the Sahara) , groups of island (the Virgin Islands) and countries when they include words such as state , kingdom ,republic, etc. (the United Kingdom).

With the names of musical instruments (the guitar) and dances (the waltz).

Names of countries (Brazil), cities (Glasgow), streets (Oxford street), parks (Hyde Park),bridges (London Bridge),continents(Europe), squares (Leicester Square), stations (Charing Cross Station ), islands (Rhodes), lakes (lake Geneva).

The words this/that/these/those. (this boy, those trees).

Possessive adjactives or the possessive case.(That isn’t my house-it’s Sue’s.).

Means of transport (by bus ,by train) (Are you travelling to Paris by train ? ).

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