THE Global warming

THE Global warming. Global warming. Then what will happen? What the consequences of our fields? Cities will flood water. Lost state. It will be water wars. Uninhabited Earth. Hurricanes. Hunger. Fact.

For many thousands years the average of global temperature was +15. In the year of1987 the well-known German magazine 'Spigel' described a new global fluid in 2040. We will see out of the water only the New York City,s skyscrapers, and underwater will appear such cities as Hamburg, London, Cairo, Copenhagen, Rome and coteries like Denmark, Belgium, Netherlands, Bangladesh.

Even the most powerful computers can not accurately simulate the entire global warming, social, environmental or economic consequences, but some trouble will be visible to the naked eye, without big calculation. So 'model the' what awaits land, if the temperature continues to rise relentlessly.

Cities will flood water disappears state water wars uninhabited land Hurricanes hunger.

This is by far the most popular global warming, about which mainly deals . In 1987, the German magazine 'Spiegel' spoke about a new global deluge. Under their forecasts already in 2040 under water exposed to such cities as Rome, Copenhagen, London, Cairo, Hamburg, will be visible only the tops of the skyscrapers of New York, then entire state.

Islands such as Maldives or Tuvalu, whose highest point is just half a meter above sea level, will disappear from the map.

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