The Hunger Games. Prim

The Hunger Games. Prim.

I woke up crying, and everything I looked at seemed so dark that I could not even imagine such a darkness and hopelessness. The only person who could make me calm again was Katniss. My big sister But I sneeked in to my mothers bed. I just didn’t wanted to ruin her sleep. Katniss was the only who cared about me more than about herself. She was all about me. Protective. Yes, she was so protective, that I could feel save each day of my little, grey, poor but interesting life. Katniss was a good hunter. She and her friend Gale were like a perfect couple in a woods. They were always coming back home with a full hand of prey. Squirrels , pheasants, berries and other. And just because of Katniss, our family were with mostly filled stomachs. Sometimes, when Katniss sold her catch we were getting a little money too. It was almost luxury in district 12.

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