The idea of progress

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The idea of progress. Who was Robespierre? What does the word “Parable“ mean? Example. Why are people losing faith in progress? What are the engines of progress? Why have they failed? Why can curiosity be destructive? What  other topics were discussed in Orwell‘s books? What is Huxley famous for? What were Orwell and Huxley aware of? What does Leviathan mean? What is governance? Why do people yearn for a moral sense of purpose  according to Ms. Why is moral progress up to us? What can we do to prove that we are responsible people. The most and the least democratic countries in the world. What is Gross National Happiness? Origins, meaning, criticism. Thank you for your attention!

Subvert each of the Enlightenment's engines of progress. Language used to control people's thought. In books the elite uses power to oppress, not enlighten.

What were Orwell and Huxley aware of?

It depends on us and our ideals. And what we do and how we try to reach moral progress. We don’t need to look what other choose, but we need to choose what is better for us. It is hard to change people, but we don’t have to be the same and follow the set rules.

We need to know not only our rights, but also the responsibilities and not break them. We need to vote and elect our government responsibly and honestly. We can be more respectful to others, depart stereotypes, start to live friendly with others, forget about differences between people, start doing things and don’t complain about hard life.

The most Democratic nations: Norway Sweden Iceland Denmark The least Democratic nations: Syria Equatorial Guinea Chad Central African Republic North Korea.

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  • The idea of progress
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