The Importance of Education in Preventing Prejudice

The Importance of Education in Preventing Prejudice.

First, it is necessary to examine the current paradigm within education in order to determine exactly what it is about the modern system that requires changing. One of the most immediate concerns comes as a result of the school facilities themselves, which, in a way, encourage segregation in regards to race already. For example, Oprah Winfrey, a long-time advocate of activism and equal rights for all, points out the dichotomy between the facilities at an inner-city school in Chicago, which, she says, lacks the most basic of toilet facilities (Boggs 134). This is contrasted to the suburban school, which contains an Olympic-size swimming pools, among other amenities (Boggs 134). This sort of treatment, aside from the numerous sanitation and fairness issues it encourages, brings up the issue of segregation at the most basic, physical level. In order for education facilities to truly encourage equality for all, they must at least supply all people with relatively equal facilities through which they may learn.

One source to use in order to gain further understanding of how education and prejudice are deeply intertwined is famous rapper Tupac Shakur. This might seem like a stretch at first, but Tupac has had a great deal of experience with many types of schools, and developed a strong moral compass in regards to it. This can be seen in the film Tupac: Resurrection. Tupac reveals that education and unity is one of his most important goals as a music-producer, which, itself, is a contradiction of the prevailing stereotype that rappers are all criminals who only encourage violence (Tupac: Resurrection). Tupac urges a strong change in the current system of education in place, stating that education is like a maze for a mouse.

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