The Journal of Popular Culture

The Journal of Popular Culture.

One of my fashion design students is particularly interested in color as a theme in her work, so I assigned her a few selections from Regina Lee Blaszczyk's recent publication, The Color Revolution. The fashion historian in me shamelessly tries to sneak a little design history into my curricula, so when a book as visually and intellectually appealing as Blaszczyk's enters the scene, I leap for it. We, the blissfully unaware consumers, usually take color—its industrial development and large-scale coordination—for granted. And in fields like fashion or interior design, which are so wedded to the management and cultivation of color and color schemes, understanding the history of this industry becomes paramount.

The Color Revolution is a welcome addition to American business and design history, and Blaszczyk is certainly qualified to undertake this important project. She currently holds the Chair in the History of Business and Society at University of Leeds, UK, and has written extensively on American design, business, and consumer history, raising in relief the notable actors and forces at play in creating and promoting the products that comprise our material world.

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