The Loreal group company

Group company. Introduction. History. Production. Headquarters. Management. Employees. L’orÉal celebrates its 6th ethics day. Branches and divisions. Partners. Profit. Popular products. Advantages and disadvantages. Future prospects. Career. S. W. O. T. analysis. Conclusion. Thank you for your attention!

L'Oreal story began in 1907 Company was called: the Société Française de Teinture Inoffensives pour Dryer (French trustworthy hair dye company) L'Oreal. L'Oreal Group has 500 brands and thousands of different products in the beauty industry sector.

L'Oreal Group is well known for its cosmetics, perfumes, hair dyes, facial cosmetics, hair and skin care. Also, it owns 23 international brands. Most of them are sold worldwide and can be found in at least 130 countries.

L'Oreal Group has its head office near Paris, which was constructed in the and employees moved into the facility in 1978. The world's largest hair salon is located inside the head office building. L'Oreal USA has its headquarters in the New York city.

L’Oreal group can be proud of the number of employees hired - 66 600 employees work in this company.

L’orÉal celebrates its 6th ethics day.

Foreigner partners are beauty salons, magazines, fashion industry partners and the numbers keep increasing every year. Currently we are planning to make a partnership with a new magazine and a beauty salon in the United Kingdom.

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