The Netherlands

The Netherlands. Contents. Capital city of the Netherlands. Symbols of the country. Geographical position. Population and nationalities. Regions. Biggest cities. Traditions and customs. Landmarks and places to visit. Bibliography. The end.

Contents 2. Capital city 3. Symbols of the country 4. Geographical position: climate, rivers, mountains and etc. 5. Population, nationalities 6. Regions 7. Biggest cities 8. Most interesting traditions and customs 9. Most interesting landmarks or places to visit 10. Bibliography 11. The end.

The capital of the Netherlands is Amsterdam.

The Netherlands has a maritime climate, with cool summers and mild winters. In all country there are 74 rivers. Vaalserberg, where the country's highest point is located, rising to 322 m. Zuidplaspolder is the lowest point of the Netherlands and it is 6.76 meters below sea level.

Dutch people - occasionally referred to as Netherlanders, are an ethnic group native to the Netherlands. The Netherlands is the most populated country in the world! There are about 17 million people living here. Almost one million people live in the capital, Amsterdam.

South Holland North Holland North Brabant Gelderland Overijssel Utrecht.

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