The person i admire Jurga Ivanauskaitė

Ever since i read first of j. book entitled "the year of the lilies of the valley", she has been at the top of my favourite writers’ list. She left such a significant mark in our culture, that even now, then she had already faced a tragic death, she still remains prominent, influential essayist and is kept alive in the hearts of literature fans. In her. Years of living she had succeeded in publishing six novels, a children's book and a book of essays. J. I certainly shouts out from the crow with her appearance. Her red shoulder-length hair and almond- shaped sparkling eyes created an impression of especially exotic, alluring but also approachable woman. Whether she was speaking about her work at a meeting of enthusiastic fans or going to the story to buy newspaper, she can constantly be seen wearing extravagant make-up and eastern clothes.
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  • The person i admire Jurga Ivanauskaitė
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