The power of nature

The power of nature. Floods. Flood classification The effects. Flood classification. According to the. The effects of floods. The primary effects of flooding include loss of life. Flood forecasting. Anticipating floods before. Flood control. There are Defenses such as detention basins. Benefits. Floods (in particular more frequent or smaller floods) can also bring many benefits. Deadliest floods. Floods in Kaunas. In 1926 a flood carried away vilijampolė and aleksoto wooden bridges. Floods in north korea. There was a flood in north korea in 2012 August. Questions. What are the. Answers. Natural floods and. Thank you for your attention!

Flood classification The effects of floods Flood forecasting Flood control Benefits Deadliest floods Floods in Kaunas Floods in North korea Questions Answers.

According to the reasons that flooding caused they are divided into types of : Natural floods Technical floods.

There are Defenses such as detention basins, levees, reservoirs and weirs. Detention basins – sulaikymo baseinai Levees – pylimai Reservoirs – rezervuarai Weirs - užtvankos.

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  • The power of nature
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