The President of Lithuania

The government of Lithuania. The executive authority. Functions of the President. The president of Lithuania. The Cabinet. Sumesi ministrus. The Legislative authority. The Seimas. Functions of The Seimas. The Chairman of Seimas. The Judicial authority. The Courts. Gintaras Kryževičius. Romualdas Kestutis Urbaitis. Egidijus Žironas. The functions of Courts.

Lithuania is an independent democratic republic. The government of country is entrusted to three seperate authorities: The Executive, the Legislative and the Judicial.

The Executive power is given to the President and to the Cabinet.

Turi paminet funkcija s ir ministra pirmininka.

The Legislative authority is entrusted to The Seimas .

144 members The Seimas elections are held every 4 years.

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