The top smartest animals

The Top 10 Smartest Animals in the World. Raccoon. Squirrel. Rat. Pig. African Gray Parrot. Crow. Elephant. Chimpanzee. Bottlenose Dolphin. Orangutan.

Have their own societies and community, always in control of what they are doing, loyal family members.

Scientists use them for laboratory experiments, can detecting bombs, landmines and the bacteria that can cause tuberculosis, have emotions.

Can actually be good in video games, sing to the offspring, can be sneaky bastards.

Have extremely large brains, bury their dead properly, know which leaves are medicinal, have the ability to recognize themselves in the mirror.

SMARTEST ANIMAL IN THE WORLD, they have ability to understand the why do something, and not just the how and what.

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  • The top smartest animals
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