The tragedy of common – Caspian sea Overfishing

Introduction. Data on the development of the amount of fish in the caspian sea during decades. What is happening in the caspian sea - then and now. Fishing – the tragedy of common. Possible solutions of fish depletion. Conclusion. References.

Communities tragedy occurs when free access to shared resources condemns them for the destruction of excessive use. Since resources are the benefits of a personal nature, each person has an interest to use them as much as possible; while the use of the cost is shared among all the people who have these resources available, although not all of them use or use differently. Probably one of the best examples in terms of communities tragedy is overfishing. It simply means that more fish are being removed than can be replenished by normal breeding rate. So the population of fish goes down and eventually there is nothing left to fish. When most of it is being turned into fishmeal and fertilizer and not for food, it is just greed on the part of humans.

Overfishing problem could be brightly seen in Caspian Sea. Over the last decades the amount of fish in this sea decreased not only because of the spillovers and dams. The highest impact in this fishing depletion did the overfishing and it is one of the tragedy of commons.

To find

Describe why this is the example of the tragedy of the commons.

Discuss possible solutions for the problems of fish depletion.

The Caspian Sea - the largest lake land at the junction of Europe and Asia, stretching from east of the Caucasus mountains, on the size called sea. This isostatic changes saltwater lake. The area of 371,000 km² (due to changes in water level fluctuations), a maximum depth of 1,025 m. The average surface level of ~ 28 m below World Ocean level. Caspian Sea formed about 10 million years, when the ancient Tethys Ocean divided into two modern seas - the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea.

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