The Walt Disney Company’s advertising campaign and its cultural values

Marketingo namų darbas.

Introduction. Advertising and Culture. Cultural values created by Disney. Quality. Innovation. Community. Decency. Optimism. Marketing principles. Conclusion. References.

Disney is best known as film making company or as a company crated Disney Land. However after they have received much popularity company began to produce the nominal trade which is affected by movie’s popularity.

By this paper I chose well known the Walt Disney Company advertising campaign and I will try to describe culture values which are created in its advertisements, how they broadcast it and how advertisements are interpreted.

Disney is not only movies creating company. After great success in movies industry Disney Company started new marketing company – children toys, clothes, shoes and other stuff company. Sales reach of high indicators which demonstrate the success of marketing.

As they claim that Disney output is directed to creating quality “we strive to set a high standard of excellence“. Disney production focuses on maintaining high-quality standards across all product categories. Good company’s name shows good quality and gives recognition. American production is well appreciated around the world. Many years of work experience and continuing to successfully develop business is a great recognition and high-quality evidence. Each person assessed these factors individually, but final their opinion is the same – they agree with Disney's broadcast message that Disney’s offered production is high level.

Another Disney‘s created culture value is innovation. As they claim „we are committed to a tradition of innovation and technology“. They concentrated on innovativeness and simpler application. Disney’s production offered toys are constantly changing. They adapt more and more new details and functions. As they claim in their advertisements in their created production is included the latest technologies which make production more attractive to buyers.

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  • The Walt Disney Company’s advertising campaign and its cultural values
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