The Working World

The Working World.

Today I‘m going to speak about

So, a lot of people like to work their favorite works, but also there are some dumb humens, who choose not to work and sit on their parents shoulders.

Firstly, I don‘t have experience with special work in any company or restourant, because I never be encouraged to do this. But otherwise my little work experience started in my old childhood when I spent summers in my village. There I should help to my grandmother to weed our garden, water the flowers or collect the apples in the garden. After these works, the grandmother always gave me the money for my expenditures, but as I said that in my opinion it’s not hard job. To be honest I always feel really great when I help others with some works, so how I remember I was pretty enjoying of doing that.

Secondly, taking about my dream job, I would love to be a flight attendant, because I really love the view from the plane window, when you are at a height of several kilometers.

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