Three the most popular interior styles in Lithuania

Anglų skaidrės. Scandinavians influence for the evolution of Lithuania interior design. Introduction. The basis of interior style. Lithuanian taste of interior. Interesting. How lithuanians fell in love with Scandinavia. Ikea. Colours. Materials. Forms. Furniture. Lighting. Decor elements. Conclusion.

Prepared by: student Jonas Kalvėnas IP-3 TKF.

The basis of interior style Lithuanian taste of interior design Scandinavian interior style taking effect for lithuanians Conclusions.

The basis means how could you differ interior styles from each other: Colours Materials Forms Furniture Lighting Decor elements.

Over the past 10 years many things has changed in Lithuania and not only our life, but also a society and its approach to fashion and design Our taste is just forming and mostly it is influenced by foreign countries.

A Scandinavian style was formed by scandinavians racional approach to the environment. Cold climate conditions and Protestantism idealogy made a main value for them - work. For entertainment and fun they had much more less time than southern states. That’s why in the interior dominate just a functional, but not representation details. In the first place, furniture must be comfortable and practical and exactly for this approach improved furniture design, materials processing, but not décor elements.

How lithuanians fell in love with Scandinavia.

As everyone knows lithuanians are very skillful people too. Also livelihood is not very good comparing to other countries, so the idea of DIY and cheap furniture and décor elements was very helpful way to make their home more cozy.

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  • Three the most popular interior styles in Lithuania
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