To be human is to discuss - public speach

To be human is to discuss. Man is the measure of all things.

Have you ever had a question: „What does it mean to be a human?“ This bothers people for ages. I personaly think that being a human, is not only following the rules of the society or going to work, being a human means doing good for others, doing good for yourself, experiencing all the things we want to experience in our lives and last, but not the least – experiencing love.

The rules of society are definetly turning people into some kind prisoners. All these organisations talking about the importance of human rights do not ever talk about the major plan the society made for every one of us. If you look through your life you see that at first you had to go to the kindergarten, after that there was an elementary school, then you have to go to high school afterwards there is the university, then you have to find a job, find a person you want to spend the rest of your life with, have kids, spend the money you earned on your kids, then grow old and die. I think that this cliche of life is not sensible and that everyone should live their lives as they wish.

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  • To be human is to discuss - public speach
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