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Introduction. Shanghai sea port (china). Singapore sea port (singapore). Hong kong sea port (hong kong). Conclusion. Literature.

I chose this topic because Im from a country where the port is a very important part of the infrastructure. I want to know not only about Lithuania's port but also about other perspective ports too. In the following paragraphs I will discuss three busiest container ports in the world and I will try to show what factors lead to their successful development.

Yangshan port is built in the middle of the ocean, that the world biggest vessels can dock here. Shanghai port can accept ships longer than the Eifel tower. This port is so long, that it can dock 50 ships at one time and a port that can process 25 million shipping containers in one year, 70,000 in just one day. Price tag is estimated to be 18 billion US dollars. This port can dock such big ships that even the cranes has been constructed special to carry container. To carry container from port to shore, the Donghai bridge was built, that is 32km long. More than 12 times longer than the Golden Gate bridge. The second longest ocean spanning bridge in the world. Until mid 2007,Shangai portwas in 3rd place in the world, but in the mid 2007 Shanghai have moved from 3rd to second place in worlds container port.

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