Top five place in Lithuania

The most famous Lithuanian locals. By Vygandas Serva. Trakai. Tourist eyes are attracted to the magnificent Trakai Castle. Trakai photos. Trakai history. Old Trakai, was set up at the end of the thirteenth century. The Hill of Crosses. Original crosses embedded. Palanga. There's always full. Neringa. Neringa surrounded by a lagoon and the Baltic Sea invites you to Witch Mountain. Anykščiai. The second -largest Puntukas stone always surrounded by tourists. Thank you for your attention .

Original crosses embedded with hill paid tribute to the faith and to all the faithful, symbolizes hope, respect and strength. Currently there are 56,629 kinds of crosses, shrines, statues and the paintings on their rosaries.

There's always full of tourists who like to have fun at the beach and the main street of the city. But do not wish to choose the usual fun bike and hiking trails, visit the Amber Museum, stroll around the landscaped park, which is rich in a variety of sculptures, plants, stands in water - it takes even 101, 3 hectares.

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  • Top five place in Lithuania
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