Tourism sector change in Lithuania

Contents. Introduction. Tourism flows and key segments. Cultural values. In the past, or to produce a directory of tourism programs, projects list. Conclusion. Reading list. Table. Figure.

Tourism flows and key segments. According to statistics, the flow of visitors to the 1997-1999 in Lithuania is constantly raised in the year 2000 as compared to 1999, decreased by 362 thousand. the people. Such a decrease in the percentage of tourist flows led to a decrease in the flow of tourists from 20.2 CIS countries. Preliminary statistics for the year 2001, the Aliens coming to Lithuania 4.2 million arrived, this is the 2.5% more than in the year 2000 and the tourists-1.24 million respectively, or 15% more than in the year 2000 (see table 1).

The increase in the period, compared with the previous (–)

73.5% of total arrivals for the year 2000 in Lithuania had a day-old visitors, of which about 50% occur only for a short while in transit and were staying in Lithuania. in 2001, the number of visitors in day-old arrivals to the country fell by 3.5% in the number. For comparison: in Estonia, in the year 2000, the distribution of visitors to the tourist and day-old 37.5% and respectively 62.5%. The evaluation of the 2000-2001 year, the visiting tourists and visitors segments can be observed and improvements. In recent years, increased the number of guests from Poland, Germany and the Scandinavian countries. in 2001 the most visitors (1.34 million) reaped from Latvia, Russia ranks (1.18 million), Belarus (640 000), Poland (275 000), Estonia (232 thousand), Germany (117 thousand). in 2001 compared to 2000, the number of visitors has increased significantly from the Central European countries (24%), Asian countries (26%), the USA (20%), Italy (34%), Norway (42%). This suggests that in the future, mainly in Lithuania will be guest from neighbouring countries: Lithuania, Russia, while Lithuania is gradually discovers the Scandinavian, Western Europe, Asia and other countries ' tourists. Although the region share the same tourist markets obviously differ in their percentage of Estonia for the most part of movement for residents of Finland (58% of all arrivals in the country), a significant increase in visitors from the United States (52%), Poland (26%), Germany (20%), Asian and Central European countries. This has resulted in close to the neighbourhood and developed country of Finland were, sea transport, who is one of the main drawbacks of Lithuania. Lithuanian tourism statistics show that the gist of foreign market potential of Lithuania is in the CIS countries, the Scandinavian countries, Germany, Poland. accommodation for the base. The activities of the accommodation establishments and the number of overnight stays in particular meaningful with respect to costs, the length of their stay of tourists in the country. On the basis of the structure of the expenditure of tourists United part of the costs of accommodation and catering services to be allocated, the other part in transport, shopping, goodies, etc. Thus, the duration of the tourist in the country belong to the catering and accommodation services of corporate earnings. Important economic and practical sense is a statistical number of overnight stays of tourists visiting in Lithuania (see table 2).

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