Tradiciniai lietuviški produktai, angliškai

Traditional Lithuanian cheese ,,Varškės sūris“. Ingridients. Preparing. Preparing tools. Different tastes of Lithuanian traditional cheese. Dried cheese (12-150C, when ramains 50-55 % of moisture). Smoked cheese (800C , 4-5 h). Cooked cheese (1800 C, 40min. ). Nutritional value,100 g. 299 kcal. Dried sausage ingridients. Dried sausage technology. Equipment. Thank you for yuor attention.

First of all we have to slowly heating milk and add salt. When milk reached 1000 C degrees, slowly pouring kefir. Then milk turns in curd, small grains, we filter with percolator. Then we have to wait, when fluid will be passed out. Receied product put in cheese pocket and compress. Waiting 24h, 0-40 C.

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  • Tradiciniai lietuviški produktai, angliškai
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