Traditions in the UK

Introduction. Traditions per regions. England. Fast food. Superstitions. Sport. Shopping. British parks. Pubs. British Beer. Houses. Calendar festivals. Drinking tea. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Scottish kilts. Saint Patrick’s Day. Whisky. Scottish bagpipes. Cuisine of Wales. Dancing in Wales. Northern Ireland.

Ha’ya everyone. Today we’re going to talk about traditions in the United Kingdom! So let start our journey ...

Because of fast day routine British people eat a lot of junk food. Take-away meals are very popular and most towns have a wide selection of it. Most common is Fish and Chips, chickens fillet, fast Chinese food.

In England there are a lot of festivals in witch British people take parts with enthusiasm. Festival like May Day, The Olney Pancake Race, St George's Day, Notting Hill Carnival, Guy Fawkes Night are great leisure time spending and forming of cultural values.

The same like England these three regions keep pace together and keep their own unique, stunning traditions, and mannerisms.

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  • Traditions in the UK
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