Trafficing in human beings

Introduction. Trafficking in human beings. The concept of human trafficking. Trafficking and Smuggling in human beings. Elements of human trafficking. Victims. Who are the victims? Why do they become victims? The fight against trafficking in persons. Why it is needed to fight? International legislation. Ways to prevent human trafficking. Conclusions. References.

Object of the work: Trafficking in human being.

The problem of work: What is Human trafficking and what and how fight with this phenomen?

The aim of the work: Describe and characterize Trafficking in human being topic, with the theme related things, reveal most important international organizations and its legislation.

Methods of the work: Analysis of literature, legislation, internet sources.


1.Analyze what constitutes Human trafficking;

2.Identify causes of Trafficking;

3.Briefly describe the main victims ;

4.Research against Trafficking organizations and key documents regulating Trafficking;

5.Provide and offer Human trafficking solving tools.

Before we start talking about the problem of trafficking in human being it is necessary to accurately find out what is trafficking and what concludes human trafficking concept. All over the world, it is accepted that human trafficking is a form of slavery that affects inalienable human rights. The definition of trafficking is not one. In some places, this phenomenon is more defined elsewhere - narrower wording and usually depends on what purpose and in what context it will be used. In many countries, for example in Lithuania, this terms is used still relatively recent, and often this is understood quite narrow, overly simplistic or it is given an exotic shade. Trafficking often associated solely with open violence and abuse, for example, it is believed that this is kidnapping of young girls on the streets and forced transportation across the border. Meanwhile, real-world examples show that the most common abuse of human trafficking cases takes much more subtle and covert forms. It is sometimes difficult to identify and prove, that is why there is a problem recognizing some of the situations of human trafficking.

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