Trakai castle striking buildings anglų esė

Esė apie trakus. Trakai skaidres.

Trakai castle-striking buildings.

Trakai –the historical capital of Lithuania, also known as the “city of lakes”. In all four sides it is surrounded by water – it Trakai Island Castle as a defensive fortress build in 1410 after the famous Battle of Grunwald. There was a time when the castle prison was true, then it was shabby. Trakai Castle is notable for it’s mystery , gorgeous. It is a magnificent castle , with a large number of small cells , which were previously watchtowers. To get to the castle ,first need switch spacious and very long bridge. The bridge is covered with wooden boards. Trakai Castle there are many rooms , each is distinguished by peculiar. One wet and the other is decorates with ornaments.

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  • Trakai castle striking buildings anglų esė
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