Trakai, Puntukas

Trakai castle. Rengė. Come and visit Trakai castle. Trakai is a fabulously picturesque little town on water. What can you see in Trakai. The museum collects artifacts. End. Puntukas stone. Giant weighs about. Come and visit Puntukas stone. The second-largest boulder. Puntukas description. Thank you for your attention , schoolgirls, Zivile and Laura.

The museum collects artifacts, organizes exhibitions, preparingthe exhibition catalog, publish articles, participate in scientificconferences, seminars, organizes and leads tours, organizesevents, muse um guides organize training seminars.

The second-largest boulder in Lithuania, stands 6 km south of the Anykščių, Anykščių Šilelio Landscape Reserve, near the sacred. This is the natural, mythological and historical monument of geological natural monument unveiled in 2000m.

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