Transport modes system

Contents. Introduction. Body – Transport system task. Transport Benefits. Transport system components. The road - transport system. Lithuanian transport system. National and regional roads. Lithuanian railways. Klaipeda seaport. Freight transport logistics in Lithuania. Transportation Conlusions. Key-1 vocabulary. Key-2 vocabulary. Key vocabulary. References.

Transportation - this branch of economy, covering freight and passenger transport in different vehicles. The transport system consists of three main parts: the vehicle, transport and infrastructure management and transport objects (passengers and cargo). Taking account of any one component is not part of the system, the transport system becomes inoperable. Passenger transportation is very important, taking into account each country's economy, to ensure both the country and its regions, towns or villages in the functioning of the international relations of the population. Today it is difficult to find a person or company who has its own daily lives and activities imagine without transport and passenger and freight services. Transport affects the production and operation of enterprises. Only thanks to the transport service, it can take up to import the raw materials needed to carry out the production and delivery to end users already manufactured goods.

Given the importance of transport in people's daily life and its impact on business activities, it appears that transport services, whether it be a passenger or cargo must be properly planned and organized. Near the main transport tasks that are successful solution can ensure a high quality of services provided by commercial vehicles, can be attributed to:

All these tasks can be referred to as freight transport technologies - organizational, legal, technical or engineering measures for freight qualitative process to plan and implement a set.

For the individual modes of interaction more efficient use of conductivity of several options;

Reduce transportation costs, rationalizing the distribution of goods and passengers flows;

City traffic optimization, providing pre-emptive right public transport, installation of bike lane

Transport can help achieve resource and use them. It can be argued that transport - it needs people satisfaction measure. At the current level of communication very quickly transported cargo and passengers. Goods made in Finland or Sweden, the next day can be transported to San Francisco. It can be from Japan on Monday

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