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Good afternoon, my name is ___ and today I am going to explain 3 day’s Lithuanian Sightseeing tour in a detailed way. We are going to visit the most popular and historical places in some Lithuanian cities and villages Vilnius, Kaunas, Ukmergė and its region Siesikai and see all this beautiful places by yourself. First day. Vilnius – Kaunas. Second day. Waking up at 10 am. And going to the second-largest city in Lithuania – Kaunas. Third day. After breakfast in Europa Royale Kaunas Hotel Restourant, am. We are leaving Kaunas and going to a little bit smaller city – Ukmergė. However, here we can find many interesting places too.

We are meeting at 9 Vilnius bus station and begin our tour with minibus rented in advance (it would cost 400 Lt per 3 days; the diesel would cost 750 Lt).

Vilnius – is a capital of Lithuania. In there you can discover many architectural and historical monuments – some of them we will necessarily visit. Also, we will taste some of Lithuanian traditional food: Cepelinai, Šaltibarščiai with some potatoes and many others...

At 2 pm. – lunch at Amatininkų Užeiga, in Vilnius Old Town, Didžioji street 19/2. They can offer you to taste traditional Lithuanian kitchen‘s masterpieces.

2.15 pm. – time for lunch in Senieji Rūsiai restaurant, which is located in Vilnius street 34.

At 3.15 pm., visitfirst class fortress at the end of 19 century – Kaunas Fortress.

After that, you can have a free time until going to Europa Royale Kaunas Hotel (total cost 200 Lt per night for 2 standard rooms). They do also have a restaurant which can offer delicious food in low prices – an average cost of the meals is about 30 Lt.

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