Types of businesses

Types of businesses. I‘m going to. The sole proprietorship. This is the. What I meant is that sole proprietorships do not get tax benefits. Partnership. A partnership is a business owned by two or more people. Advantages of parnership. Your business is. Disadvantages of a partnership. The liability of. Corporations. Operations are operated. Usually such corporations do not issue stock and can be educational. First step is applying for a corporate charter. In conclution. Sources of information.

I‘m going to talk about business. There are few main forms of them: sole proprietorship, the partnership and the corporation.

The sole proprietorship is the most common type of business in nowadays the same as the corporations. Now I‘d like to represent all theese three types seperately.

This is the case, when you go into business alone and make decisions only by yourself, futhermore, you control your profits, but talking about disadvantages, they are rather dissapointing than encourageing.

What I meant is that sole proprietorships do not get tax benefits, moreover, if the business fails, you have to declare your personal bankrupcy and lose all your personal assets. Sole proprietorships can be run in such business as cafe, restourant, second-hand shops or maintanance and operation services.

Operations are operated by individuals. Their shares of ownership are represented by stock certificates. The person, who owns a stock certificates is called stockholder. There are several advantages of corporations. The first is ability to attract financial recourses. The next- a corporation can attract a large ammount of capital, and the last one is that corporations can offer higher salaries and so attract talanted managers and specialists. Corporations can also be non- profit.

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