Types of meeting

Types of Meeting. The Role of a Chairperson. During the meeting. After the meeting. Opening the meeting (phrases). Setting the scene. Inviting people to speak. Making you point. Strong agreement. Mild agreement. Mild disagreement. Strong disagreement.

Chat- informal discussion Brainstorming – as many ideas as possible are produced for review later Project Meeting/Team Meeting – a meeting of employees working together on a project Department Meeting/Departamental Meeting - a meeting for a department Meeting with suppliers/clients Board meeting- an official meeting of a company directors Annual General Meeting (AGM) – shareholders discuss annual report.

Before the meeting A good chairperson is a good organizer He/she will prepare an agenda before the meeting to point what will be discussed They will invite attendees to the meeting by circulating the agenda.

Let’s get started Let’s begin, shall we? Let’s get down to business It is about time we got started Let’s make a start Shall we make a start?

As you are aware I have arranged this meeting to... The main purpose of this meeting to... The main objective is... Our focus of this meeting is...

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