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Uab iceco. Who we are Our. Plan of presentation. ICECO” was founded. Who we are. To develop. Our mission. Name of company. Company logo. The company owns the trademarks “Aurum”. Company trademarks. Ice cream sandwich-type. Products. Fish Salted Salmon Fillet Cold. “ICECO” exports 60% of its products. Export. The trade network. Stores. 430 people are constantly employed in Uab “ICECO”. Personnel. ICECO has many competitors , because a lots of companies have the same business. Main competitors. Improve the employees’ qualification and working conditions. Responsibilities and duties. BIG BECAUSE We are one of the biggest frozen food company in lithuania. Big or small company. Organizational chart. A team of.

Who we are; Our mission; Company logo; Company trademarks; Products; Export; Stores; Personnel; Main competitors; Responsibilities and duties; Organizational chart;.

To develop, manufacture and supply of high quality food products in Lithuania and the world markets. To become a global food brand.

Name of company is related with ice, because many companys products are frozen. logo colors are blue and white, it's cold colors reminiscent the ice.

Ice cream : sandwich-type ice cream waffle cups Sorbets Ice cream on a stick Family ice cream packs Waffle cones.

Fish: Salted Salmon Fillet Cold Smoked Salmon Fillet Hot Smoked Salmon Frozen Salmon Products Cold Smoked Herring Marinated Herring.

Improve the employees’ qualification and working conditions. Supervise and constantly improve the quality, environmental protection and food safety management system.

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