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Unusual Hotels All Around The World. Content. What is Palacio De Sal? Short Hotel History. Inside of the hotel. Booking and Prices. Awards. Short video about the hotel. Questions, sweet questions. Thank You For Your “Attention”.

P.s. Hotel owners ask their guests not to lick the walls!

Bar Exclusively designed and decorated Games or recreation room Billiards, chess and others.

Prices It depends.. On what kind of room you want –double room (it has one double bed in it) or twin room (it has 2 beds for one person each). All rooms are heated and ONLY dinner Is booked in price! You need to get breakfast and lunch on your own... Bar or most of the attractions in the hotel are not booked in the price to, so you need to pay to get V.I.P access pass to bar or if you don’t want it – pay to every single drink you get. Every room has it own private bathroom. P.s. Billiard is booked in the price of twins room, but it isn’t booked in double room, don’t forget it!

What is this hotel made of? Where is it located? (State, country, city...) Is billiard booked in the price? If it is, in which kind of rooms? When was the first hotel built? (years) What this hotel has inside itself? Attractions?

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