Urban transport in Lithuania

Urban transport in Lithuania. Public transport. what is this? History of Public Transport In Lithuania. Public transport classification. Public transport in Vilnius. Trolleybus in Vilnius Public Transport. Buses in Vilnius Public Transport. Minibuses. Public transport system problems. Number of accidents. Conclusion. Literature list.

Public transport is the modern way to transport persons, when used for vehicles that can carry a large amount of people in a short period of time. For public transport services is usually paid when buying the appropriate single or multiple ticket. Public transport service providers can be public, public or private organizations, and the supply of these services is usually supervised by state or municipal authorities, controlling the quality of services, routes and prices.

1905 in Vilnius was the first to ride buses. 1913 in Vilnius drove only a dozen different brands ("Benz", "Berliet" FIAT "Hupmobile") bus and 1154 coachman. In 1926, Vilnius, organize regular bus traffic.

In 1930, the Vilnius region were registered 157 cars, 168 taxis , 210 buses, 63 trucks , 39 motorcycles. In 1932 Vilnius has 8 bus lines and they transported more than 5 million passengers.

Local Transport (town) route - a route set street to carry passengers on regular services municipal territory. Commuter (suburban) route - a set of streets and roads run to carry passengers on regular services within a maximum of two adjacent districts of the municipality.

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