USA anglų skaidrės apie Ameriką

The United States of America. Main facts. History. Foundation of the United States. Civil War. Famous people. George Washington. Neil Armstrong. Barack Obama. Geography. The Bald Eagle. Famous places. The White House. Sport. National flag. Great Seal.

Capital City of America : Washington. Population of America : 314,745,000. United States is the third- largest country by total area. The United States is a country which consisting of the fifty states. The United States has the biggest economic and military power around the world.

United States of America, founded by thirteen colonies of Representatives in 1776. declared independence from Great Britain. The continuous immigrants from Europe, and then Asia, stream, territorial expansion to the west, pushing the local population and annexing a large part of Mexico, as well as the industrialization of the nineteenth century. end. United States has become one of the great powers.

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  • USA anglų skaidrės apie Ameriką
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