USA pilnas pristatymas anglu kalba

United States of America (USA). About the country. National language – English. Religion – Christianity. Government - Federal presidential constitutional republic. Capital – Washington, D. C. Courrency - United States Dollar (USD). Interesting facts. Suovenires from USA. What to know before going to USA. What to avoid. Funnier rules. Statue of Liberty. Central Park. Grand canyon. Kennedy Space Center. Zion National Park. Islands of Adventure.

Work done by: Modestas Povilavičius ir Algirdas Kupčinskas.

USA is in The North American continent and surrounded by two oceans - the Atlantic and Pacific.

Only 0,1 per cent of american families don’t have cars.

Every day americans frow away 20000 televisions, 150 tons of different packages and 43000 tons of food.

What to know before going to USA.

Most restaurant food costs about 20% more, but that is not shown in food menu. Don’t forget to leave tip, it’s a nice gesture. Have about 2-3$ lying around, because in hotels, it’s an average tip. Alcohol is allowed only for people who are older than 21.(Rules vary in different states) You can also bring a pet, but first it is inspected from quarantine. Police is a common site in USA especially in big cities.

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  • USA pilnas pristatymas anglu kalba
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