Useful phrases and constructions

Nowadays due to. There are those who maintain that. Meanwhile others claim. Based on this fact it might be a solution. Despite the fact that I see only positive side of. Who look uncertainly at this potential menace to health. One of the most controversial issues today is. Meanwhile others oppose that. Although there are a good arguments in favour of both these views I personally believe that. On the one hand. For instance. On the other hand. A particularly good example. Despite that , both arguments have their merits , I tend to believe. To conclude , there are good arguments for and against. To begin , despite the fact that. Wholly workable.

There are several other factors, apart from.....that could be used to......and in my opinion...

Make up mind – to make a decision

Pale blue – pastelinė mėlyna

Nowadays due to gene technology scientists have a possibility to change some of the properties of plants, in this case, crops. There are those who maintain that genetically modified crops are positive improvement meanwhile others claim advers opinion about the dangerous effect of it.

Benefits of GM crops are apparent. First of all, because of changed genes they could be soared in unfertilized soil and it is not needed to add any form of chemical fertilisers to enhance crops growth. What is more, they are well-adapted to unconvenient conditions such as harsh droughts and based on this fact it might be a solution how to reduce famine in poor and ungrateful climate countries. Also, genetically modified crops are used in stock-raising as cheaper feedstuff.

Despite the fact that I see only positive side of using DM crops I absolutely understand those who look uncertainly at this potential menace to health because the impact on the human body has not been completely researched. Hence, there is a probability of inevitably harmful consequences in a future if it appears pernicious. To avoid complaint information about product consist should be published on a label, because everyone has the entitlement to choose what they want to eat. It also protect companies from unnecessary litigation in the law institutions and in this way to save some money.

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