Užgavines anglų skaidrės (shrove tuesday)

Shrove Tuesday. These rituals took place in ancient times. Shrove Tuesday food. Shrove Tuesday masks. Fatso and Hempen. Morė. Gypsies, Jews, beggar - all important Shrove Tuesday participants. So let him come spring!

Old Winter Festival, which seeks to banish the winter, spring to come quickly. This festival is celebrated 7 weeks (46 days) before Easter, always on Tuesday. Shrove Tuesday, the last time allowed to the full, and oily to eat, and the next day begins Lent.

Eating enormous amounts of food. Ridding through fields and constant visiting. Carting around male and female idols and murdering them. Masqueraders’ shams. The struggle between winter and spring, wrestling between Fatso and Hempen.

Pouring water over everyone. Casting and drawing lots.

Celebration participants must dress like wiches, devils, goats, gypsies or the Grim Reaper.

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  • Užgavines anglų skaidrės (shrove tuesday)
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