Vadybos namų darbas (anglų kalba)

Autoserviso verslo planas anglų kalba. Kokybes vadybos motyvacinis laiskas. Oficialus laiskas anglu kalba. Motyvacinis laiskas anglu kalba. Laiskas anglu kalba. Anglu kalbos rasinys vadybininko profesija. Darbai anglu kalba.

Introduction. Theoretical model. Planning. Organizing. Motivating. Controlling. Practical model. Organizing. Conclusions.

Introduction, short history and the growth. Asos. Com is the uk‘s largest online-only clothes and beauty store which offers over 35,000 own-label and branded fashion goods as well. Asos's headquarters are located in north london, its main fulfillment center is in barnsley, yorkshire. Asos was established in june 2000 by nick robertson. Asos now has over 700 employees and is the united kingdom's largest independent online and fashion beauty retailer. With international growth, it is becoming the market leader in the online fashion world, posting sales of £339 million. It receives 200,000 orders a month. Five years ago, asos. Com had just 550 square meters of warehouse space. Today, to meet growing demand, asos. Com now has 32,500 square meters of warehouse space – equivalent in area to nearly five football pitches. The usage of software to find out customers needs. Underpinning all of asos’s marketing channels is a sophisticated crm system from smartfocus. Working with asos’s rich pool of customer data,the software has created five female and three male customer profiles that identify a customer’s propensity to spend, their trigger points and whether they tend to shop at the weekend or during the week. By analysing a database of what its customers typically buy and how often they purchase,asos. Com is able to target promotions directly at particular segments of customers. Asos. Com estimates what products will appeal to individual customers. It then targets

Promotions to customers on an individual basis.

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  • Vadybos namų darbas (anglų kalba)
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