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Anglų scenarijus. The Last Leaf vaidinimas.

Author: John was sleeping. When Behrman and Simon came into room. For five minutes Behrman looked at the vine, then he went out the door without the word. The next day, when John woke up, he saw the last leaf on the vine.

John: It's the last leaf. I heard the wind all night, so when it fall, I will die with it.

Simon: Oh, John! What will I do if you die.

Author: The following night another storm passed, and in the morning, the two guys looked out of the window together.

John: That one brave leaf is still on the vine. That leaf taught me how to fight for my life.

Author: The following day doctor came in to see how was John doing.

Doctor: His chances are much better. But I must go to other patient. His name is Behrman. But his chances are much worse.

Author: The next day, the doctor said to Simon.

Doctor: John's life is no longer in danger. Give him food and let him rest and he will be alright.

Author: A few days later, Sue came to John's bed.

Simon: I want to tell you something. Behrman died in hospital from pneumonia.

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