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Marketingo skaidrės. Families and other groups on consumer behavior. The vocabulary. Social factors. Bakanauskas A. (2006) discusses the impact on other groups of qualifications. Bakanauskas A. Family usage, identify two main Custom roles. Family life cycle. Consumer behavior characteristic. Questions for debate.

Presentation are organized by: Agnė Načienė, ISVAM 14/1.

Consumer – vartotojas Behavior – elgesys, elgsena Purchase – pirkti Time consuming – laiko patikrintas Predict – numatyti Decision – sprendimas Increase – padidinti Sales – pardavimai Motivation – mokyvacija Entertainment – pramoga Habit – įprotis Influence – įtaka Value – vertė Congregate – susirinkti Self-determination – apsisprendimas Objectives - tikslai.

Autonomous- savarankiškas Entertainment – pramoga Reflect – atspindėti Emotional support – emocinė parama Obligation – įsipareigojimas Leisure – laisvalaikis Revenue – pajamos Trend - tendencija Maintenance – priežiūra Advertaising - reklaminis Significant – reikšmingas Consumption – vartojimas.

Consumer's buying decision-making process - one of the components of consumer behavior, which is still used today trying to explain to a non-marketing specialist. In these times of globalization consumer's purchasing decision-making process is becoming more complex and time-consuming.

Marketing discipline scientific research has long been trying to understand consumer buying behavior and to predict. This is done for obvious reasons - knowing the basis on which consumers make a purchase decision, companies can create an attractive market for proposals to develop new products, increase sales.

In 1994, Solomon identified two groups of factors: social and psychological, which leads the consumer's decision to buy. Engel et al. (2005) the same factors were classified into three categories: personal, psychological and social.

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