Vėjo energetikos prezentacija

Models of wind turbines. Advantages and disadvantages. Short history. Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines (HAWT). Shrouded hawt. Advantages of HAWT. Disadvantages of HAWT. Vertical Axis Wind Turbines. (VAWT). Darrieus vawt. Savonius vawt. Advantages of VAWT. Disadvantages of VAWT. Some interesting facts. Largest vertical-axis. Largest swept area. Highest tower. Most productive.

Using wind power to mill grain Pump water Mill grain and pump water Generate electricity.

Housed in a ring-shaped airfoil Can increase the power of a HAWT by 2-5 times Must have highly rigid framework More difficult to build.

Massive tower construction Components of a wind turbine has to be lifted into position Visible across large areas Downwind variants suffer from fatigue and structural failure caused by turbulence Require an additional yaw control mechanism Generally require a braking or yawing device in high winds.

Main rotor shaft arranged vertically Wind turbine does not need to be pointed into the wind Can be placed near the ground Darrieus and Savonius wind turbines.

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  • Vėjo energetikos prezentacija
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