Versalio taikos konferencija

Versalio taikos padariniai konspektas. Versalio taikos sutartis ese. Versalio sutartis skaidres. Versalio konferencija.

Analizuojama versalio taikos dalyviu nuotrauka. Darbas anglu kalba. Background and context of the document. Bibliography. FRANCE - 1919: Peace Conference attendees.

My choice of the document is a photograph taken by US Army Signal Corps/Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images. It took place in Paris in 1919. Paris Peace Conference was created

to prevent new wars, peacefully resolve conflicts. An international conference organized by the winners of the First World War, in order to achieve peace agreements between the Allies and their adversaries conditions. There were involved diplomats from more than 29 countries: United Kingdom, France, Italy, USA, Japan (the major parties,) China, Belgium, the British Dominions (the weaker,) weak military actors (broke off diplomatic relations and so on,) neutral and emerging countries. Russia at the conference were left outside of the ongoing civil war, although the emigration of its government, and hoped to attend.

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