„Vičiūnai Group“

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All production units. Distribution , sales. Distribution and sales companies. Logistics and transportation. Logistics and transportation companies. Group of companies. Viciunai Group main awards in foreign countries. Viciunai Group main awards in Lithuania. Viciunai group values. We do not look for opportunities – we create them !

Vičiūnų group - the Lithuanian capital concern, the largest Lithuanian producer of fish, one of the largest Baltic frozen fish products companies.

The concern is owned factories Plunge and Russian Kaliningrad region Sovetskoje (LTL 50 million. Investment), 2 factories in Estonia. Vičiūnai Group employs about 5000 people. Concern of its financial indicators made ​​public. Vičiūnai group of manufacturers to provide representation, distribution and logistics services in the Baltics.

2010 m. Surimi product plant the Sistemos Britor S.L.U is purchased in Santander, Spain. The trading companies’ chain and geography are expanded: VG Iberia, in Spain, Vichiunai Ser in Serbia; VG Handel, in Germany, VG Italy in Italy, Vichiunai-Bel and Vichiunai Logistic in Belorussia. The logistics is developed in Ukraine; a new company Ukr Logistika LTD is established.The transport company Vichiukrtrans LTD is established.


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