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Ekonomikos kursinis darbas. Introduction. Theoretical part. Meaning and function of price. Pricing objectives and targets. Pricing. Pricing organization. Pricing strategy. Practical part. Uab ‘’ hekon’’ description. Legal form of company’s organization. Uab hekon economic activitties. Uab hekon service market analyze. Hotel market and description. Market segmentation. Competitive analyze. Product pricing principles uab hekon. Uab „hekon“ vykdoma kainodaros politika. Service exw price of computing. Service for sale & consumer pricing. Accommodation rates and break-even. Method. Price level. Uab hekon pricing strategy and discount system. Conclusion. Literature.

It is hard to amaze business people nowadays talking about pricing policy. Common daily decisions related to pricing issues: implementing new price list, participating in negotiations to get more beneficial prices etc. Pricing issues is making us to analyze current problems: Those days are gone, when you could implement a discount without reserve to lure customers. Competition in market has been increased significantly, that is why prices were naturally decreasing. However discounts were eliminated, because of a amount of profit were decreased. In those firms employee have to look for an alternatives for price policy. Efficient pricing isn’t based on individual actions, but dealing with issues comprehensively by looking at current problem as a process.

Price is reflecting all pricing system and it factors: inflation, supple & demand, monopoly market, work performance indicators. Price is a tool for identifying certain relationships between the company and customers. So pricing is the price-forming engine, as well as psychological, social, political, market and so on.

Each firm must develop their own pricing policies, to learn how to self-determine market prices for product. All prices must be calculated on the basis of certain rules and regulations. Companies pricing policy – is one of the most important factors. A correct pricing methodology and wise tactics have to be implemented with well-based strategy

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