Violence in football

Kūno kultūros skaidrės. Violence in football. Content. Introduction 4 Introduction. Violence is the intentional use of physical force or power. Violence has negative and very strong power among young people. History. Football now is. The much more disciplined game introduced to continental Europe in 1900s. Hooliganism. Apart from Britain. Football hooliganism involves. Racism. Racism in football is the abuse of players. African and Asian football players are the biggest racism victims in football. Today racism in football decreased because of campaigns designed to combat racism. Political violence in football. Political history are also included in football violence. There are a. Conclusion. Violence is a wide thing and it is associated with football since its beginnings.

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Violence has negative and very strong power among young people. This negative power have a different types and ways, but it pretty often appears in sports, especially in popular sports like football, which involves not only football federations, teams, staff, players and their families, but also people who are not directly associated with it. For example a lot of supporters, countries people, politicians, hooligans, bookmakers and worldwide media.

Football hooliganism involves a wide range of behavior taunting spitting unarmed fighting throwing objects in attempt to harm opponent players or supporters (stones, bricks, bottles, molotov cocktails) use of pyrotechnic devices such as flares and smoke bombs fighting with weapons (sports bats, bottles, rocks, knives, firearms) disorderly crowd behavior such as pushing, which may cause stadium fixtures such as fences and walls to collapse.

Political history are also included in football violence. It appears mostly in international football, and especially in teams which had wars or political fights between each other in the past. For example countries who were directly associated with 1st or 2nd world war.

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