Viral Marketing

Abstract. Table of contents. List of tables and graphs. CHAPTER 1 – Introduction. Project Aims. Traditional advertising versus viral advertising. CHAPTER 2 - Literature Review. What is viral marketing? Seeding trials and their importance. Importance of identifying target market. What makes an advert go viral and how important is the message. Motivations and behaviours of those who pass along email messages. The role of gender and message strategy. CHAPTER 3 - Methodology. Objectives. Research Approach. Exploratory Research. Hypotheses. Secondary research. Primary research. Questionnaire design. Ethical issues considered. Sample selection. CHAPTER 4 - Research findings and analysis. Hypotheses results. Discussion. Conclusion. References and bibliography. Appendices.

The focus of the project will be on the consumer’s attitude towards viral marketing and how important the seeding process is. The aim is to prove or disprove how different appeals such as humour, sex and shock utilised in viral marketing affects consumer’s behaviour in terms on passing on the video advert.

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