Virtual Memory

Virtual Memory. Abstract. Introduction. Physical Addressing. Virtual Addressing. Paging. Paging Tables. Paging Supervisor. Demand Paging. Trashing. Caching. References.

In this report I will tell you about “Virtual Memory” and how memory allocation happens. Memory is very important in computers and to use it without wasting it is very hard. I will explain how memory is managed and extra space is achieved when processes requires more memory than there actually is.

Virtual memory is a very important concept in computer engineering. In the 1940s when computers were still at their infancy, memory was very limited and expensive resource. Early computer systems used to fill up a warehouse and were lucky enough to have 128 kilobytes of memory (RAM). This lack of memory in computers had serious impact on the programs. The programmers had problems with their programs when the size of a program was bigger than the amount of RAM available.

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