Walmart Company organization and management analysis

Team. Team characteristics. Market, economy and management. Changes occurring in the world and its impacts. Main roles of manager. Informational Category. Decisional Category. Current trends in management evolution of concepts. Globalization. Psychology. Business Ecosystems. Entrepreneurial characterization. Organization. Walmart Characteristics. Internationalization and Presence. Mission and vision. Walmart organizational and control chart. The Walmart organizational structure. Segments market target. Swot analysis. Strengths. Weaknesses. Opportunity. Threats. Adopted generic strategy. Marketing. Service. Price. Place. Promotions. Statement of Ethics. Key Global Responsibility. Most important asset of Walmart. Conclusion. References.

Characteristics that identifies your team (are you cohesive? Are you used to work together? Do you work well as a team? Have you got common interests? ...) :

We are happy that it is an opportunity to work together, because we are friends from very young days and together we could create a really good team. We have some same interests, such a sport, profession that we are studying, that’s why it is more easier work in team for us.

What is main value while a group (you are unique why?):

we are unique because we could full fill our minds if one of us do not have what to say.

North Korea has nuclear weapons. Country policy and threats frighten the world.

Changing world and business ethics: We recognized that not only event, war or factor could have influence to some changes. We notice that there are ethical or unetchical activity which also have an impact. Firstly, simple example, if your friend tell you to some information or news but later you notice that it is lie, so most of people will never trust again and never behave the same as before. It is the same situation with business , but with other tasks. As a bigger example Wells Fargo & Company paid $85 million after it was accused of encouraging borrowers to take out subprime mortgage loans even when many were eligible for regular loans. Subprime mortgage borrowers are generally riskier and therefore pay higher interest rates. However, because subprime mortgages result in higher rates to the company, Wells Fargo allegedly gave individuals who qualified for lower rates subprime mortgages, a practice deemed to be highly unethical and deceptive. Most banks have had to pay fines related to subprime loans and foreclosures. There are more examples by trying to steal bank account using internet pretending that you are selling something. Due to these factors all public starting to not trust in some companies more careful choose services, also economy have a reduction of these events , black market becomes stronger. Also managers have to learn how to attract new customers due to these changes.

Such events, chaos, threats, aggressions makes people feel unsecured. No one feels safe. The economy is falling in all the countries that are at least possibly related to such aggression. Politicians need to pay more attention to foreign affairs. They can not develop the economy and improve the standard of living human.

Concept of management changes because of new technologies innovations (internet wire, computers). There are more opportunities to think about the strategy, about plans that you are going to use in your company. You could fallow your competitors see what they are doing good and make changes. According Taylor most significant developments in management theory was emerged in 20th century. They started to look how work was performed and they also looked at how it affected worker productivity. Taylor theory was based not on people to work as hard as they can , but on optimizing the way the work was done. People theory started to change when they started to crate working plans, fallow efficient of workers, economy and other important staff which depends on company. To summary all management activity grows with people.

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