Warehouse and storage

Content. Introduction. Warehouse and storage. The basic science of warehouse and storage scheme. Receiving procedure. The typical procedures of receiving activities. Warehouse functions. Warehouse operations. Warehouse management. Conclusions. Literature.

These activities may also include trade servicing, demand forecasting, distribution communications, inventory control, product storage, order processing, posandorinio service assurance, manufacturing and warehouse siting, handling, trade show, the collection and reuse, transport and transport organization and other activities.

Storage specialist mission is to supply the goods and deliver services in the most efficient way, according to need and demand. In other way warehousing and storage are:

- to plan and koordinate activities is necessary to achieve a high level of service quality and lowest cost

- ensuring the required quality delivery of the required quantity of products to a certain place in due time, the company in obtaining the maximum profit.

Figure 1. The basic science of warehouse and storage scheme.

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