Warehouse logistics

Logistikos referatas. Vilnius college of technologies and design petro vileišio railway department gl23n warehouse logistics Vilnius , 2013 content. The main areas of logistics are. Warehouse management system. Benefits of a Warehouse Storage System. Warehouse control system. Warehouse management and control functions are. Storage system structure.

Logistics is the science of material and related information and financial flows management of space and time, no primary source to the end user. Currently, intensive development of economic activities and increased material and cash flow management of all communication between the needs determined by the management of production efficiency improvement related to the most important requirements for new methods and forms of operation. In practice, the logistics are often identified with one or another part of the business, some of its elements, such as transportation, warehousing, information systems.

Storage is an important , independent logistics component , which includes the storage of inventory , stocking all the logistics stages of the process and is one of the essential elements of the logistic system . Therefore, warehouse work must be effectively organized to withstand a number of activities related to storage processes .

Storage firms to selected strategies , the types of warehouse location site provides the ability to increase storage system performance , reduce costs , proper and expeditious execution of client orders , and optimize performance . Warehouses mainly performs equalization , warranty , speculative , improving functions. It is also important that the storage system is properly carried out logistical functions such as material flow intensity of support needs of the user , load concentration and storage security, industrial process discontinuity adjustment, cargo lots , formation of various services. Warehouses , there were lots of processes, which are based on shipping and warehouse processes inside and outside of the delivery of goods to the destination.

Storage system is all stock and warehousing processes , starting and ending with obtaining materials of the issue, taking into useable equipment and facilities as well as the flow of materials to the organization and management of stock . Storage system architecture is built on the principle of hierarchy . The literature distinguishes three storage subsystems : the technical - technological, functional and the supporting . Warehouse storage system is an important number and size with increasing the number of stores , the average decline in warehouse space .

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